Lil Spill

March 29, 2013

The Denver staff was so fun tonight. They did a number ( whole staff , men and women) to Du Haste by rammstein that was awesome. Bartenders, barbacks, and BMF’s in Lader hosen! Hysterical. Who knew that the female Lader hosen Oktoberfest outfit was so sexy? I am buying one pronto for intimate nights.
Thanks Sean, the bouncer , for wearing the tear away pants and dancing for me to Sexy and you know it! I really had a great time tonight.
It’s midnight and I just got off the phone with Tommy. Our bet now is the gross sales of our various 3 bars for anniversaries. My bars are NY, Denver, and Memphis. His bars are Austin, Milwaukee , and OKC. It’s like fantasy football. In about 2 hours I will have 2 teams that played while he has 2 teams left.
Lets make it a real bet. What are the stakes ? Lets go!

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