Lil Spill

March 25, 2013

Met Daniel for lunch at Ruth Chris in Nola. We ate steak, salad, 2 wines, and I had 4 bites of a chocolate dessert ( we left most of it)
I call bullshit! I downloaded an app called My Fitness. It documents everything you have eaten and calculates how much you have exercised as well. Today I ran and did crossfit. I ate probably more then usual but I was starving. My body is aching and hungry. This app in a nice way just sent me an alert ” hey fat shit. if you keep on eating like this you will gain blah blah blah weight by next week.” Fuck, now I have to run more today. You are kidding me.” Can’t wait for this Tough Mudder to be over. I am fucking tired. At crossfit we practiced powerlifting, pull-ups , and rope climbing. I did 4 sets of 7 power lifts, 7 pull-ups, and 7 wall balls in 8 minutes. The f… pull-ups . I can’t do them properly. I am tired and cranky. Now I will get dressed and run more. If I get fat and stocky for this event I will kill Kevin. That’s all I have to say.
The bars rocked this weekend. Shout out to Nashville. Great numbers. Heading to Denver on Wednesday. To Denver Bouncers ” just have fun with it!!”

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