Lil Spill

March 29, 2013

I just got off the phone with one of my friends. ” Lil I just got you and I a present.” ( I was thinking dinner somewhere or a spa treatment. ) I was way off!! ” I got us each a 3 hour naked photoshoot with this photographer on groupon.” What? ” Liliana, nothing is more motivating to lose weight then a naked photoshoot. ” ok so really naked? Supposedly you can wear lingerie if you are really shy. On the phone she is reciting the picture packages you can ask for. ” dude, if I look good in a naked picture, I am getting a floor to ceiling portrait to hang in my living room. ” She is nuts!

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Rod Henman

You're lucky to have such good friends. Oh! Do you need an airbrush-man? I could help.

michael mallon

I'm sure it'll be airbrushed.