Lil Spill

March 20, 2013

I received a call from a mom at Jackson’s new school. ” I know your son and my daughter are partners for their history project and your son was scheduled to come over but we are busy. In fact I don’t see the need for your son to come over when they can do the project after school.” I think my son just got his first taste of discrimination. This preppy uptown bitch doesn’t like his long hair? Or is it me? Kid with long hair has a mom with tattoos in the bar business, hence she doesn’t want her daughter associating with him. I spoke to Jackson about it since it might affect the project and his grade. ” mom don’t worry. I already get teased by some people for the long hair. If her mother is really like that it just means that …(girl partner) is a really good person since she is one of my best friends at school.” My son proves to me almost daily how much kinder and more even keeled he is then me.
Ok headed to work. It’s cold today in DC.

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