Lil Spill

March 22, 2013

5 miles in 54 minutes. Not bad for me. I am slow but I am consistent. I just went on line and found a couple of websites that encourage competitors to practice while in your expected attire for the Tough Mudder. First, Put the clothes on. Second, Jump in a lake or a pool, fully clothed included sneakers. Third, run two miles and see how heavy or hard it is running while you are wet..Ok I will try it tomorrow. ( if its not too cold, cause I am a wussy)
So yesterday I went to my first therapy session. My goal was to leave feeling a sense of peace and or relief. I went and I told her my routines and the areas I thought needed help. I said jokingly, ” I am fucked up”. Never in a million years did I expect the response, ” Yes you are fucked up.” Ok now that we all know this, If I go straight into blaming my parents am I cured sooner? lol

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