Lil Spill

March 23, 2013

Jackson and I did it. We wore our running outfits including sneakers. We jumped in the freezing pool totally outfitted then we ran a mile. The water was cold and the first 1/2 mile of running was a bit odd. Our sneakers were squishy and our clothes were wet. But the Dri fit clothes that we wore really dried quickly. My biggest complaint was the mosquitos. My face got bitten and for hours afterward I felt that feeling of allergies. (I have a feeling the pool wasn’t in swimming condition and perhaps there was too much pollen floating on the water.) Lee claims there will be no mosquitos in Nevada but to be weary of the scorpions and snakes. Shit! now that is another thing I am worried about. Tahnee ran 2 miles today at 23 minutes. First day out that’s pretty good

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