Morrocan food today . I am ready to come home. I miss the kid who is backpacking in Washington State. Love him so much . Today the reality of how much I have eaten and drank during these lessons is apparent . We have learned a lot. Today the female contestants for the Finnish Paradise Hotel were filming by the pool . Daniel and Kevin stationed themselves by the pool the whole day to make sure they saw these women . Both of them are completely burnt from their full day of voyeurism. Tonight tapas and the reenactment of the French invading the Spanish village of Gaucin image IMG_5722

my friend Leslie came to Malaga for cooking ! Yesterday paella . Today we learned a recipe of  muscles in a paprika onion sauce . Pork in a raisin wine and vinegar sauce and potato tortillas .

We are staying in a very remote mountain hotel. There are a crew of Finnish people filming B roll for a supposed reality show . Word with the hotel manager is that they believe its actually a porn shoot.  ” Leslie if they have a filming of a gang bang we have to watch .”

“What a man vomited on a girl while taking a body shot ? “Freaking disgusting

image image image imagePlease universe never put me on a 9 / 10 hour train ride with Kevin and Daniel. Lee and I were so frustrated with the antics that we jumped in the first cab at the train station and hid from them once we got to Marseille.

Marseille was beautiful and now we are in La Cadierre D’Azur . So so quaint and beautiful . Cooking starts Monday !

Hard to get away from work when you are with coworkers . Key West is haunting me even in France .

What a morning. Jackson is heading to Washington State for a backpacking trip. Last night the blame game. ” I don’t want to go . This isn’t my personality.” I left his room with a ” you either go to camp or you come to Europe with me and take cooking classes.” This morning another reminder that I wanted to enroll him in a college forensics class but he chose the backpacking. Just went downhill from there.. His flight was delayed. I felt guilty all night. When does the parent thing get easier?

I am on my first flight. Headed to Madrid. Super excited!

What to name our new tapas/sport’s bar? There have been some crazy names going back and forth.  So refreshing to have a mixed group of servers, male and female. I say that now but every rose has it’s thorns so I am sure there will be a whole new set of problems. Lol .

We have a pending lawsuit with our Romanian licensees. One of them is running for political office. Today Jeff ,our company lawyer, received calls from reporters about this. LOL That is too funny.

Next week Daniel, Kevin, Lee, and my friend Leslie are going to Spain and France. We are taking cooking classes. I am super excited! We have 3 deals pending on new spaces. It will be tight. Good Luck Tommy as acting Director of Operations. The business side of me wants everything ti run smoothly while we are gone. But the personal side would love there to be a few fires so Tommy sees what we go through.