Lil Spill

June 11, 2015

What to name our new tapas/sport’s bar? There have been some crazy names going back and forth.  So refreshing to have a mixed group of servers, male and female. I say that now but every rose has it’s thorns so I am sure there will be a whole new set of problems. Lol .

We have a pending lawsuit with our Romanian licensees. One of them is running for political office. Today Jeff ,our company lawyer, received calls from reporters about this. LOL That is too funny.

Next week Daniel, Kevin, Lee, and my friend Leslie are going to Spain and France. We are taking cooking classes. I am super excited! We have 3 deals pending on new spaces. It will be tight. Good Luck Tommy as acting Director of Operations. The business side of me wants everything ti run smoothly while we are gone. But the personal side would love there to be a few fires so Tommy sees what we go through.

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I suggest that you stay with the female theme and use snacks and racks.


From the founder of the Coyote Ugly Saloon comes the COYOTES DEN Sports Bar

Mike Vito

Hi Lil, how about calling. Tapas & Beers.