Lil Spill

June 27, 2015

Morrocan food today . I am ready to come home. I miss the kid who is backpacking in Washington State. Love him so much . Today the reality of how much I have eaten and drank during these lessons is apparent . We have learned a lot. Today the female contestants for the Finnish Paradise Hotel were filming by the pool . Daniel and Kevin stationed themselves by the pool the whole day to make sure they saw these women . Both of them are completely burnt from their full day of voyeurism. Tonight tapas and the reenactment of the French invading the Spanish village of Gaucin image IMG_5722

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Brianna Nelson

Greetings from Minneapolis! I am inquiring about opening up a coyote ugly here in downtown Minneapolis. I am interested in partnering, franchising, and or also performing. Do you have intentions of bringing your business here? I can't stop thinking about building a coyote ugly here- I think the demographic in Minneapolis desperately needs and is craving something like coyote ugly. Hope to hear from you, Brianna Maureen Nelson