Mike Vito

Ok ok. Sorry Huseyin, come to New York And I will take you Coyote Ugly and buy an American body shot.

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Mike Vito

Sorry Lil, I had to get that out of my system.


Good evening I am living to St.Petersburg until 2 years. This new year i found your club from internet and booked place with my friend. And we spent very nice time in your club at 31.12.14 night. Even you put my 2 photos your new year album. I really liked your club. Everything was wonderful. And after that time sometimes i visit your club several times alone or with my friends. But 3 weeks ago i wanted go to your club but security didn't permit and 2 weeks ago i visited again. But last weekend security didn't permit again. I think just because of i am foreign. I don't understand why. I come your club, drink, dance and give money to your club and go. Really its not polite security doesn't permit. After that time i really started to hate your club. If you don't want me in your club please remove my photos on your albums, i don't want to come your club anymore. Hüseyin Akgül Turkey citizen