I will never go out drinking with Jeremy ( Torches printing) and Lauren ( San Antonio dance captain) again. I am at the airport feeling as close to death as I can imagine. Why can’t I be smart like Chantel and barely drink? ” Jameson, really ? For as dumb as I was yesterday, I have Lost so many brain cells I can barely dress myself ” dumbass . Urgh but on a positive note , the Vegas staff was so great yesterday .
My cab driver.trim.m44DvV


Bam Vegas girls are awesome ! Teaching real dancers, they almost have the new Devil within 2 hours. Most of the other bars take days to learn this particular dance. This is awesome ! Very pleased

I got in late last night met Chantel and Lauren and headed for Coyote Ugly Vegas for a short time. We are heading there early today because we need to tweak the dances since they dance on a platform versus a long bar. I am staying at The Hotel which is part of Mandalay Bay. I went to the gym this morning and two guys came over to me, both separately, and said ” great workout.” On both occasions I was wearing my headphones peering over my shoulders to see if perhaps they were speaking to someone else . With my ankle still fucked up my workout is limited. Then I realized ” oh it’s the new sport bra . The girls must be looking good ”
San Antonio is steam rolling. The Coyote Ugly Whisky is selling like hit cakes! Bam!
Today I am signing up Kevin, Chantel, Jackson and myself for the New Orleans Triathalon. It’s May 26th. We have 1 month to train. Not sure if doing the breast stroke the whole way is acceptable so I am figuring that I need to learn to swim better. Jackson is going to kill me fir signing him up, but so be it.
Congrats to Dynesti and Kahlia they joined our Tough Mudder team for Lake Tahoe! Awesome

I am reading for the first time the magazine Car and Driver. ( long time at the airport). This writer John Phillips is hysterical. An excerpt from The article ” The Case for Convertibles”: “Like syphilis, convertibles have been known to cause insanity among automotive engineers …. Not even Ralph Lauren said what this needs is a $1.985,000 grand sport no top….” I love this guy. No real idea of what he’s talking about. I have heard of the cars but no clue about torque etc. I now put him on my favorites list.
Perhaps one day my flight may take off.

If there are apps on how many calories you burn or how many hours you sleep there must be one for how many hours you spend at airports? I arrived at the airport at 10:10 am for my 11:25 am flight to Vegas via Memphis. I boarded the plane then we sat . Then we had to de board the plane and then we sat. Now my flight is at 6 pm tonight. Really out of sheer curiosity I would love to know how many hours I spend at the various airports ? Damn I booked Gallaghers tonight for Chantel, Lauren and myself . Now it looks like they will be eating a delicious dinner and I will only arrive for a post dinner drink and head to Coyote around 10. C’est la Vie

Heading to vegas tomorrow with Chantel and Lauren from San Antonio. We are working with the Vegas girls starting Monday. I am excited to get to know them better. Hot damn! I feel it, I am going to win big!!

George Jones died. Some of my fondest memories in NYC are of hitting seedy bars , friends in tow, and George Jones playing in the background. I even learned how to two step to some of his slow songs. RIP

Yesterday I sent a company wide email asking if anyone wanted to join us for the Tough Mudder event in Lake Tahoe this summer . How curious that the interested managers are women. Nashville has quite a few girls wanting to participate. NY as well. Should be a lot of fun .
Refocusing today. I preface this story with, my son is very bright and has an incredibly strong vocabulary. Yesterday we went running together . Afterwards I asked if he wanted to walk and get ice cream. His response ” mom I had over cream one day this week already . I don’t want to be a fat ass.” Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Mom I forgot something at home.
I know the internal conversation was this ; does he really need it ? Do I show up at school knowing he will be mortified ?
Thank God you didn’t show up! The windows don’t open wide enough for me to jump out.
That’s love my son

Pleasant visit to the orthopedic surgeon. ” so let me guess Miss Lovell, you ran another race and think you broke something else?” In fact yes. Well low and behold I broke the sesamoid bone in my left foot. Identical to my right foot. And tore ligaments in my ankle. He said that this is not a new break. To be honest I felt it before I ran the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. ” I love runners. They are so stupid that they keep on running on broken bones and torn ligaments. Thanks for being part of the group that keeps me in business.” Lol
My close friends say ” Lil you are so fucking tough that you ran a half marathon and the tough Mudder with two broken feet.”
Non friends and my mother ” you’re an idiot”

I was driving down the road and I happened to pass a man jogging. He was shirtless. Full 12 pack . Definitely a car stopping body. But when I passed directly in front of him I realized that he looked almost elderly in the face. Cenegenics? I always found the Cenegenics ads creepy.
Los Angeles is starting to steam roll . Very positive . It’s a beautiful day in New Orleans. I have a doctors appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for my feet. Mentally preparing for the comments. ” they don’t raise them too bright up North” ” so you think it’s wise to run on a broken foot and another possible broken foot. If you were a horse we would take you round back and shoot you.”
Bam feeling good today

Heading to Memphis for the anniversary party. This one is going to be awesome. Miss Judith started the tradition of incredible anniversaries , then Ernie, now Mac is going to bring the party to another level. Very excited.
Yesterday my son, his friend Gabe and I had such a great night. We joked, ate yogurt, watched crazy ninja YouTube videos. If we end up moving to San Diego I have to make sure Gabe stays close with us. I have pictures of the two of them from the early age of 4. Yesterday I was watching them while they were walking around Game Stop. At 13 Jackson is 5’3 and Gabe is about 5’4. Gabe went to super cuts and the woman butchered his hair. So in 70 degree heat he was wearing a skull cap. The juxtaposition to this is Jackson with hair as long as mine. Looking at the two of them chatting and walking I was thinking ” wonder if people see teenage thugs or just regular teenagers? ” lol

captured! AT 19 you know the difference between right and wrong. Why was killing the route they chose? It’s very patriotic to see that the bomber was captured. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04/19/17823265-we-got-him-boston-bombing-suspect-captured-alive?lite
I met Katie at the bar at The Hotel Monteleone tonight. Ends up that Travis A former BMF and manager was bartending. We had a ball! He was singing and having fun. He exemplified the Travis we always loved. About an hour into our stay a guy sits next to me and starts chatting . He has a splint on his arm while I have a bandage around my ankle. He asks ” what did you do?” ” Oh I sprained my ankle running the Tough Mudder.” Of Course I then ask about his injury. His response ” I ate a whole pot brownie, decided it was a good idea to buy a skateboard and fell off the skateboard.” OK! I thought the lesson of his story would of been ” don”t eat or smoke pot”. But in his mind the lesson was ” dont’ eat a whole pot brownie only eat half.” Pathetic and funny all at the same time.

Yesterday the judge allowed me to leave early so I could fly home and retrieve Jackson from school. Last night all of the current and former employees that were so nice to testify in our case sent me a group picture from the Nashville bar.
Who would think that a week spent defending myself and my company in a court of law would be so powerfully positive . My inner strength and feeling of gratitude is at an all time high. Wow I am awed at the commitment and kindness of all the various staffs from around the country ( and world) . From one Mother Fucking Powerhouse to another, you guys Rock!! Thank you!

I am bruised from head to toe from the Tough Mudder. This week I have had to wear suit pants or opaque tights to cover all the bruises and cuts on my legs and then a sweater to cover all the bruises and scratches on my arms. Today I was allowed to leave a day early to see my son. At the airport I went for the express pedi. The woman rolled up my pants ” ma’am are you alright ?” I don’t know if she thought someone beat the crap out of me or if I had a disease. Oh well all worth it