Lil Spill

April 23, 2013

Pleasant visit to the orthopedic surgeon. ” so let me guess Miss Lovell, you ran another race and think you broke something else?” In fact yes. Well low and behold I broke the sesamoid bone in my left foot. Identical to my right foot. And tore ligaments in my ankle. He said that this is not a new break. To be honest I felt it before I ran the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. ” I love runners. They are so stupid that they keep on running on broken bones and torn ligaments. Thanks for being part of the group that keeps me in business.” Lol
My close friends say ” Lil you are so fucking tough that you ran a half marathon and the tough Mudder with two broken feet.”
Non friends and my mother ” you’re an idiot”

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Adam Hill is going to love you. What a source!