Lil Spill

April 29, 2013

I got in late last night met Chantel and Lauren and headed for Coyote Ugly Vegas for a short time. We are heading there early today because we need to tweak the dances since they dance on a platform versus a long bar. I am staying at The Hotel which is part of Mandalay Bay. I went to the gym this morning and two guys came over to me, both separately, and said ” great workout.” On both occasions I was wearing my headphones peering over my shoulders to see if perhaps they were speaking to someone else . With my ankle still fucked up my workout is limited. Then I realized ” oh it’s the new sport bra . The girls must be looking good ”
San Antonio is steam rolling. The Coyote Ugly Whisky is selling like hit cakes! Bam!
Today I am signing up Kevin, Chantel, Jackson and myself for the New Orleans Triathalon. It’s May 26th. We have 1 month to train. Not sure if doing the breast stroke the whole way is acceptable so I am figuring that I need to learn to swim better. Jackson is going to kill me fir signing him up, but so be it.
Congrats to Dynesti and Kahlia they joined our Tough Mudder team for Lake Tahoe! Awesome

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