Lil Spill

April 28, 2013

If there are apps on how many calories you burn or how many hours you sleep there must be one for how many hours you spend at airports? I arrived at the airport at 10:10 am for my 11:25 am flight to Vegas via Memphis. I boarded the plane then we sat . Then we had to de board the plane and then we sat. Now my flight is at 6 pm tonight. Really out of sheer curiosity I would love to know how many hours I spend at the various airports ? Damn I booked Gallaghers tonight for Chantel, Lauren and myself . Now it looks like they will be eating a delicious dinner and I will only arrive for a post dinner drink and head to Coyote around 10. C’est la Vie

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Leaving Paris for Helsinki, arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport with my e passport, held it to all required surfaces, walked through, no waiting. Arriving at Charles de Gaulle coming into Paris, ditto passport, time spent with official circa 40 secs. London, NYC JFK, Denver, San Francisco, Sydney. All much the same. Vladivostok a little slow as they were rebuilding the airport. La La land the only place I’ve ever been delayed 6 hours. But I was flying Delta at the time.