Lil Spill

April 21, 2013

Heading to Memphis for the anniversary party. This one is going to be awesome. Miss Judith started the tradition of incredible anniversaries , then Ernie, now Mac is going to bring the party to another level. Very excited.
Yesterday my son, his friend Gabe and I had such a great night. We joked, ate yogurt, watched crazy ninja YouTube videos. If we end up moving to San Diego I have to make sure Gabe stays close with us. I have pictures of the two of them from the early age of 4. Yesterday I was watching them while they were walking around Game Stop. At 13 Jackson is 5’3 and Gabe is about 5’4. Gabe went to super cuts and the woman butchered his hair. So in 70 degree heat he was wearing a skull cap. The juxtaposition to this is Jackson with hair as long as mine. Looking at the two of them chatting and walking I was thinking ” wonder if people see teenage thugs or just regular teenagers? ” lol

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....thanks sorry I had to miss it...and you. time! Loves and Congrats to Memphis!!

Big Tone

It was nice seeing you again Mrs. Lil in Memphis...Had a blast the biggest clown you ever seen...take care and safe travels, I grew up in San Diego and I still have to go back once a year...if you need a guest BMF in SAN please let me know!!!!