Lil Spill

April 30, 2013

I will never go out drinking with Jeremy ( Torches printing) and Lauren ( San Antonio dance captain) again. I am at the airport feeling as close to death as I can imagine. Why can’t I be smart like Chantel and barely drink? ” Jameson, really ? For as dumb as I was yesterday, I have Lost so many brain cells I can barely dress myself ” dumbass . Urgh but on a positive note , the Vegas staff was so great yesterday .
My cab driver.trim.m44DvV

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For the 10 year Anniversary - Togas are the dress code!

Shelly Smith

Hey again ~ I'm interested in knowing more about job opportunities in Russia!!! I know there is a phone number but (and maybe I missed it) is there an email to contact? Also, I want to send these pics I have from 2004 to 2006 to CU Tampa. They will get there, but please have patience!!! And, one more thing, I can I purchase the black hoodie that Chrissy is modeling on the page? Much Love!!!

Shelly Smith

Hey y'all ~ I love CU....I missed my CU while my husband was stationed at Fort Bragg for 6 years. We have several pics of the "former/original" girls and guys; we even keep in touch with a few on FB!!! Chrissy, Amanda, Pam, Leila, just to name a few ... it won't be the same for us without them, but I'm looking forward to meeting the new girls and celebrating your 10th Anniversary this year!!!! I do have a protocol question....what is the dress code for the one in Ybor City in Tampa??? Hoping for a quick reply before the party starts!!! Love y'all ~ Shelly aka sheila

Not lee

Lol Jeremy was hurting big time when I met with him the next morning. Vintage Lil making an appearance last night I hear...glad you made it home ok.


Lil, you obviously have enough grey cell to appreciate your cabby, who’s obviously CU material. And remember You started Coyote Ugly not Chantel. Is that the action of a dumbass? I think not!

marc rosen

Why don't you open in rhode island? I don't get to NYC much, Have a son of my own!!!! I miss the days of NYC and hanging with you and all the regulars back in the day!!! Congradulations on all your success!! I still tell stories to this day about the fun of Coyote Ugly!!!!