God damn it! I forgot the time change. What time do I have to wake up for the royal wedding? I watched Diana and Charles now I have to watch Kate and William. My son keeps saying ” Mom just DVR it.” Thats just not the same. OK its almost 9 pm now. I have to get to bed

My heart goes out to our Coyote Kayla and her family. Kayla’s sister’s body was found yesterday. So horrible. God I am sick for her family.” Please know the Coyote family is thinking about you, Kayla” so sorry

This is so scarey. This is about the sister of one of my bartenders. I hope everything turns out alright.

Update: Adam Harding In Dittmeyer’s Hometown Police continued their
investigation Monday into the disappearance of 20-year-old Krista
Dittmeyer, whose child was left behind in a running car in a North Conway
parking lot over the weekend.

Police said they are investigating the Saturday disappearance as a crime.
They planned to execute two search warrants on Monday. One will be on the
car, and they wouldn’t comment on the second search warrant.

Images: Area Where Dittmeyer Went Missing

Dittmeyer’s car was found with its engine running and hazard lights
flashing in the Cranmore Mountain ski area parking lot. Police said it
had been in the parking lot for several hours before it was discovered.
“She would never, ever, ever, leave her in a car by herself,” said
Dittmeyer’s friend Kathy Pratt. “We know that she would do whatever it
takes to get back here and be with her daughter.”

Dittmeyer’s sister, Kayla Dittmeyer, said she believes Krista persuaded
the person who forced her from her vehicle to leave the child behind.

“Just please let us know your safe. We need you. Your daughter needs
you,” Kayla Dittmeyer said on “Good Morning America.”

Detectives said Dittmeyer, of Portland, Maine, last spoke with family
members by phone at about 8 p.m. Friday.

Police said they had no reason to believe Dittmeyer would harm herself.
They said they believe Dittmeyer was forced from the car. “Nothing in
this investigation has suggested that she was suicidal, suffers from a
debilitating mental illness or would have voluntarily wanted to absent
herself from the vehicle or the child,” said Lt. Chris Perley.

Officers said an extensive search of the area was launched, with agents
from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and the Carroll County
Sheriff’s Office providing assistance.

Investigators said a search Saturday revealed no areas that appeared
disturbed or suspicious. Officers have left the mountain to focus on
interviewing witnesses Sunday.

Dittmeyer’s family said she has friends in the area, but police aren’t
saying who she was coming to visit, although they did say her
acquaintances are cooperating in the investigation.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact police.

Did I mention that we fired the AM of Milwaukee already. ( not surprised at all that he was fired I could of called that one. But even I was shocked that he only lasted a couple of weeks. ” come on are you that dumb?” Urgh. The head bartender/AM from Lauderdale is coming for a while to help. Its always something.

One of the girls showed up for her last three shifts sick as a dog. The kind of sick that you can’t keep anything down . The male GM doesn’t understand why she wont go to the doctor. “Hello, she’s probably pregnant. ” Well if I am correct, I hope this is a blessed event. Regardless, I wish you good luck and whatever your decision it will be the right one .
Holy moly, all of a sudden we have a ton of submissions for the calendar. It’s decision time.

The bars rocked Saturday. The only bar that was off pace was Milwaukee. Do you freaking believe it snowed yesterday there. Unbelievable . Literally every other bar rocked. San Antonio and Nashville Bam incredible .
Yesterday Jackson went to his first sock hop. It was at the JCC and he and his friend doesn’t to go alone not knowing anyone . I was a wreak the 3 hours they were there. So many emotions , my baby is growing up, what if they get into a dangerous situation and not know anyone, what if he gets rejected ? Well I picked them up at 10:30. I have not seen two happier kids. They said the girls were all over them. They kept getting asked to dance. Then they would strategize that when one got asked to dance the other would scope out more girls. Unbelievable. Talk about a confidence booster at an age when you are changing. Lol

My son’s first real pimple! Puberty is right around the corner.
Lee was sending me video of London , his daughter , starting to crawl. So adorable. So I sent a picture of Jackson being miserable . Lee said ” Jackson is the happiest kid I know” . Welcome to the preteen years. He’s happy 85% of the time but there is the 15% that is like an alien invaded his body and the alien thinks you, the parent, are evil, or just plain stupid.

Hot damn Nashville passed their fire inspection. Met Jeff down in Key Biscayne for a meeting. So beautiful. It doesn’t get better then that ! Meeting at the ritz!
After the meeting we were hungry so we invited our guests. It was a breakfast buffet at the Ritz. Jeff and I are very lowkey. Really how can you go wrong with eggs, bacon , and pastries . One of the guys at the meeting was That Guy. Had to look at the menu. Doesn’t like buffet. They offered fresh orange juice or grapefruit juice but he insists on carrot juice or mango juice. For god sakes . Really? It’s the Ritz not Golden Coral. ( not that there is anything wrong with Golden Corral) . I will tell the truth that the few times i have gone to Golden Corral makes me very depressed. I have never seen so many obese people in one area. It just makes me sad.
Ok back to the story. Really buffet at the Ritz isn’t good enough, come on!

The New Orleans bar was fun during French quarterfest. I hung out there for two days and never once actually walked to the festival . A lot going on. Lee is scouting San Juan. I am in ( or on my way to ) Key biscayne . Good times

I loved this log from last night ” poor ….. This is what happens when you stay out the night before and think that drinking mountain dew can help you work all day. The first hour great. The next 5 hours you have to be told how to work. Then you just want to go home. And you wonder why you weren’t promoted in management ” so funny
Great job Austin in recognizing a customer with asthma and helping her. That’s a point to heaven my friends.
I went into the new Orleans bar last night. Such a breathe of fresh air to have so many new girls. There is a girl Katrina who wears something wacky every shift. Wigs, period pieces, cleopatra makeup. I am not quite sure but she may have been a 70s or 80s Olivia Newton John workout person last night. I kept on singing the song to myself ” let’s get physical ” where I looked at her.

My first business conversation of the day; ” Lil you should be getting served with a lawsuit today.” oh joy.
Frenchquarterfest starts today! Money money money. Let’s rock it out

Sitting in the dentist chair yet again. My mouth is completely numb and I took a Valium before I started so excuse the writing if I am a bit loopy. I was never afraid of dentists now I dread coming.
We have been collecting photos for the calendar shoot. I know there are some gorgeous girls in our bars but I ave not received their pictures. Come on!
OKC and San Antonio rocking last night.
Kazan , Russia Coyote Ugly is set to open June 8th. Unfortunately we have Rot Rally and Fanfare so it will be hard for me to send anyone. I hope they can change the dates.

I have come to terms with my idiosyncrasies . But its actually occurring to me, that as much as I try, I cant get rid of the fucked up upbringing I have had. Recently I realize that my actions are such an obvious reaction to my childhood. Something finally occured to me this week and I realized I need to face it.
I love to eat. I really love to eat. But I am always worried about my weight. As I got older it has been harder to maintain my weight in fact there was about a year and a half period that I was probably about 15 lbs over weight. Now I am in pretty good shape but I have become obsessed with working out when ever I eat. It’s become a never ending cycle. I eat breakfast , well that signifies 20 minutes on the elliptical. I eat lunch well then I better do a work out video. Then I eat dinner and have dessert well that’s another 20 minutes. At the end of the day I have worked out between 3 and 4 hours. When I am traveling. I get up early. I do jumping Jacks. I do push ups. Lunges. This is insane. I am exhausted. Ok put this on the list of why I need to go to therapy.

Nashville rocking Saturday night and OKC did incredible Sunday night! It’s a sigh of relief when the bars do well. Girls send in your calendar pics. We plan on shooting the calendar soon !
This is the first week in many many months that I don’t have one trip planned. My body is tired.