Lil Spill

April 9, 2011

I loved this log from last night ” poor ….. This is what happens when you stay out the night before and think that drinking mountain dew can help you work all day. The first hour great. The next 5 hours you have to be told how to work. Then you just want to go home. And you wonder why you weren’t promoted in management ” so funny
Great job Austin in recognizing a customer with asthma and helping her. That’s a point to heaven my friends.
I went into the new Orleans bar last night. Such a breathe of fresh air to have so many new girls. There is a girl Katrina who wears something wacky every shift. Wigs, period pieces, cleopatra makeup. I am not quite sure but she may have been a 70s or 80s Olivia Newton John workout person last night. I kept on singing the song to myself ” let’s get physical ” where I looked at her.

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