Lil Spill

April 17, 2011

The bars rocked Saturday. The only bar that was off pace was Milwaukee. Do you freaking believe it snowed yesterday there. Unbelievable . Literally every other bar rocked. San Antonio and Nashville Bam incredible .
Yesterday Jackson went to his first sock hop. It was at the JCC and he and his friend doesn’t to go alone not knowing anyone . I was a wreak the 3 hours they were there. So many emotions , my baby is growing up, what if they get into a dangerous situation and not know anyone, what if he gets rejected ? Well I picked them up at 10:30. I have not seen two happier kids. They said the girls were all over them. They kept getting asked to dance. Then they would strategize that when one got asked to dance the other would scope out more girls. Unbelievable. Talk about a confidence booster at an age when you are changing. Lol

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