Lil Spill

April 14, 2011

Hot damn Nashville passed their fire inspection. Met Jeff down in Key Biscayne for a meeting. So beautiful. It doesn’t get better then that ! Meeting at the ritz!
After the meeting we were hungry so we invited our guests. It was a breakfast buffet at the Ritz. Jeff and I are very lowkey. Really how can you go wrong with eggs, bacon , and pastries . One of the guys at the meeting was That Guy. Had to look at the menu. Doesn’t like buffet. They offered fresh orange juice or grapefruit juice but he insists on carrot juice or mango juice. For god sakes . Really? It’s the Ritz not Golden Coral. ( not that there is anything wrong with Golden Corral) . I will tell the truth that the few times i have gone to Golden Corral makes me very depressed. I have never seen so many obese people in one area. It just makes me sad.
Ok back to the story. Really buffet at the Ritz isn’t good enough, come on!

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