San Antonio rocked yesterday!
I was in the waiting room at my doctors office. I was the only non pregnant woman in there! Then add on ten screaming kids. I said to the doctor ” is it an indication that you should be sterilized if being in your waiting room makes you want to go postal on everyone ?”

I had to take jackson to the doctor yesterday for a physical so I could get the doctor to release the appropriate forms for school. Since he is almost 11 the doctor did a thorough exam. ” Mom does he have to squeeze my balls?” Lol I had never given Jackson the chicken pox vacine because I wanted him to get it naturally. I decided that he should have it now because I do not want him to have the chicken pox at 30 like I did. ( that sucked). Double whammy he also had to get a measles shot as well. Jackson was getting very nervous and the doctor said ” be a big boy. I will give you candy afterwards.” Jackson’s response was ” I don’t want candy just a dose of dignity please.” The doctor looked over at me with wide eyes and said ” Mom you are in for it!”
Yesterday we installed our first ever Merch Vending Machine in San Antonio. I am very excited about it!!

Heather from OKC had to take leave for medical problems. I had to send Kevin to OKC to manage for a week. 90% of what he told me was great. He loved the enthusiasm of the staff and was impressed by their devotion to the bar. He was unhappy with something that happened last night. It was a training night for the new girl and she was expected to try and use the mic. Kevin said she was so annoying on the mic that he had to go behind the bar and tell her to stop. He also talked to the head bartender and she was totally unaware of the negative reaction that this girl’s mic use was having on the customers. Kevin said the girl stopped using the mic for a while and then picked it up again. He said that by the time he was getting back behind the bar to tell the girl to back off she had lost several customers. Nothing worse then someone really annoying on the mic.

I can’t wait to open the St Petersberg, Russia bar! I don’t particularly like that opening night is on my birthday, but I can’t control that. I will spend time in Russia then I am heading to Munich for Oktoberfest. Perhaps I will visit coyote Germany. I found these beautiful towns outside of Munich along this road called The Romantic Road. I am so excited! Mix work with pleasure . It’s times like those that make it all worth it.

Trey and I are at a wine bar in New Orleans called WINO. This place has about 300 wines that are hooked up to machines and you can order 1/4 glasses to try various wines. Well Trey has loved the most expensive of course. When I mentioned this to him he said ” littlin’ you know I don’t pick anything expensive except for toilet paper. I have to have my Charmin”

I can’t wait until Monday when school starts! I am getting no work done. ” mom… Mom… Please mom…” every freaking second Jackson is like my shadow . The only time I am productive is when his friends are over. I love that kid but I need school to start!
I went to meet his new teacher today. I said to Jackson and his friends that their teacher was very nice. This was what they said ” that’s what she wants you to think. We know the truth!” hysterical

This was the letter chantel sent to all the managers for the staff we sent to Sturgis
Hello all,
I just wanted to say a few things regarding the staff that came out and
worked for Sturgis. First let me say that the event went very well and we
are very pleased.
The entire staff that came out and worked sturgis did an awesome job.  It
is not easy to take 10 girls from all over the country and throw them in
one house and ask them to mesh well in very little time. We had 10 alpha
girls trying to find their balance and I have to say they did it well and
with ease. The securtiy team was fabulous.

Kudos to you all for having an incredible group of people working for you.
The staff at Deadwood Gulch Casino(which is where we took over for the
week) were very impressed with the Coyote Ugly Staff.

Please pass on to those that traveled a big thanks and Great job.

Hot damn we just finalized and signed a deal with a South Korean company!! Hopefully withn the next few months we will be opening in Seoul!!! I am so excited. St. Petersberg Russia is opening on my birthday. I want to make a real trip of it and go to Finland as well. I love when work can be extended into a great life experience.
Just got into a discussion with a manager about how much it would cost to bail an employee out of jail. I had no answer to that. Yup one of our bouncers!

We have a few NFL players that are investors in a few of the bars. They have some charity stuff going on and other raffles for free tickets.
The Saints Pierre Thomas is raffling off two tickets to the opening game and he is a big donator to the oil spill relief fund. Go to
Go to Jay Ratliff’s website to win some tickets. His Charity is the Komen Foundation which helps with breast cancer research.
I have met Pierre Thomas. What a nice guy. Really truly a good person. I haven’t met Jay Ratliff but from what I hear he is also a real stand up guy.

Just got back from Sturgis. Chantel and I were picked up by the Coyite Ugly stretch Hummer. Pretty cool. We have essentially taken over a bar for two weeks during the Sturgis Motorcyvle Rally at the Deadwood Gulch gaming facility. It is going phenomenally well. The local staff is incredible and my staff is really doing a great job. Last night they took us to the Kid Rock concert. Freaking awesome. What a great show! Money money money! So pleased but tired. These quick one day turnarounds are so hard.

Sitting on plane going to Sturgis with Chantel. Mikey from orange county choppers is in the same plane. He might be fun to have drink at out Coyote at Deadwood Gulch

A chip off the old block! I have noticed that Jackson is talking to the tv just like I do. A Hover craft commercial came on and it said something toward the effect of ” call about your very own hover craft. It’s the best thing you will ever do.” I over heard Jackson speaking to the tv ” really it’s the best thing I will ever do . EVER.” A Shirley Temple commercial came on and it said something like this ” watch Shirley in her new recolorized movies. You’ve never seen Shirley like this!” Jacksons comment to the tv ” I’ve already seen enough of Shirley. Please make her go away!” I broke out laughing. I do the exact same thing! Bars are going to rock this weekend! 9 girls showed up in Sturgis!

Chantel and I have a little gentlemens bet going on about how many girls actually make their flights and arrive in Sturgis. I said 6 out of 10. She said 9/10 ( she has high hopes) So far 6 girls have shown up. As of right now only one girl missed her flight. ( chantel got a text at 5am from a girl who couldn’t even remember her itinerary). I will give it until 10 oclock to see who wins the bet!!

After a day of negativity I decided to look at TMZ and destress with celebrity problems. Has anyone seen a happier bride then Chelsea Clinton? I stared at a picture of her that looked so joyous it really took me aback. I know when I am with my son there are moments of sheer love and complete fulfillment .( but thats my son) I don’t think I have ever experienced what I saw in that wedding picture. Good for her