Lil Spill

August 25, 2010

Heather from OKC had to take leave for medical problems. I had to send Kevin to OKC to manage for a week. 90% of what he told me was great. He loved the enthusiasm of the staff and was impressed by their devotion to the bar. He was unhappy with something that happened last night. It was a training night for the new girl and she was expected to try and use the mic. Kevin said she was so annoying on the mic that he had to go behind the bar and tell her to stop. He also talked to the head bartender and she was totally unaware of the negative reaction that this girl’s mic use was having on the customers. Kevin said the girl stopped using the mic for a while and then picked it up again. He said that by the time he was getting back behind the bar to tell the girl to back off she had lost several customers. Nothing worse then someone really annoying on the mic.

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