Lil Spill

August 18, 2010

This was the letter chantel sent to all the managers for the staff we sent to Sturgis
Hello all,
I just wanted to say a few things regarding the staff that came out and
worked for Sturgis. First let me say that the event went very well and we
are very pleased.
The entire staff that came out and worked sturgis did an awesome job.  It
is not easy to take 10 girls from all over the country and throw them in
one house and ask them to mesh well in very little time. We had 10 alpha
girls trying to find their balance and I have to say they did it well and
with ease. The securtiy team was fabulous.

Kudos to you all for having an incredible group of people working for you.
The staff at Deadwood Gulch Casino(which is where we took over for the
week) were very impressed with the Coyote Ugly Staff.

Please pass on to those that traveled a big thanks and Great job.

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