Crazy day. PMS +sturgis+ New Orleans bar = ANGER.
How fucking hard is it to get 10 girls to go to Sturgis? Answer virtually impossible
How hard is it for the NO Gm to do her computer work. Answer virtually impossible . The new Orleans bar can’t afford to invest in some of the high dollar computers that the other bars have. So fucking what? My god get me the fucking paperwork It will literally take 5 minutes a day! NY has the same low tech computers. Jacqui sends me stuff at least twice a week.

What a crazy few months. I am so excited that I am not traveling at all this week. San Antonio anniversary party was awesome. I love the numbers they brought in that night as well!
Sturgis starts this weekend. We have commandeered a local bar , Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort. I have ten girls going . It should be awesome. We are starting my bike raffle this week. I can’t lie now that it is actually a reality I am a little sad about giving away my bike. The bike looks awesome