Lil Spill

August 27, 2010

I had to take jackson to the doctor yesterday for a physical so I could get the doctor to release the appropriate forms for school. Since he is almost 11 the doctor did a thorough exam. ” Mom does he have to squeeze my balls?” Lol I had never given Jackson the chicken pox vacine because I wanted him to get it naturally. I decided that he should have it now because I do not want him to have the chicken pox at 30 like I did. ( that sucked). Double whammy he also had to get a measles shot as well. Jackson was getting very nervous and the doctor said ” be a big boy. I will give you candy afterwards.” Jackson’s response was ” I don’t want candy just a dose of dignity please.” The doctor looked over at me with wide eyes and said ” Mom you are in for it!”
Yesterday we installed our first ever Merch Vending Machine in San Antonio. I am very excited about it!!

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