Jackson just beat his whole school in a 1 mile race today. That kid is definitely athletic. He has been getting letters about competing for the Louisiana state wrestling team as well. Pretty cool!

I knew last night he would win. With him its a mental decision. If in his mind he can win then he just wins. I was kind of surprised because long distance isn’t something he has ever practiced. His dad called me up later and was shocked at how out of shape some of the kids were. I think in today’s day and age where kids don’t have the independence to ride their bikes alone or walk alone to places , it becomes the responsibility of the parents to make sure their child is healthy physically as well as mentally. I know at Jackson’s age, 10, I had already been riding my bike by myself to friends homes. I was allowed to walk to the mall alone. I did a lot alone. But I can’t do that with Jackson. As much as I love New Orleans there is no way in hell I would let him ride the streets of New Orleans alone. If we still lived in NY it would be even stricter. So unless pushed kids are not getting the activity that we all were raised with. Interesting cultural phenomenon.

A lot of stuff going on in Nashville. I sent a letter today for all the girls to read about representing Coyote Ugly in a proper way.

The bars rocked lasted night. I never received Lauderdale’s log hopefully they wont break the wayward rise the bars have been on. Austin has really come up in numbers!! Way to go. Memphis also Hot damn!!! Its always a great start to the day when I see such strong numbers, especially in the middle of the week.

Don’t remember if I spoke about this but my mother just finished her community service. She is in her late 70’s and was caught speeding. She just spent the last two weeks mopping and vacuuming a halfway house. LOL. She called me up last week laughing saying ” I dont even mop my own floors but now I am doing it for the state.” Pretty funny

A few circumstances changed yesterday so I canceled my trip to London. I absolutely love London but the long flight is a killer. Kevin is still on his way but he can definitely handle this without me.

We interviewed a few candidates for the Denver GM position. One applicant told me that he had gone to the NY bar in 93. He claimed he met me , then opened a copycat bar in upstate NY. Another candidate told us that he recently moved from another city to Denver .The reason for his departure was his lifestyle with drugs and drinking. Let’s just say these two applicants wont be getting the position!!!!

I am freaking so pleased with Austin and OKC!!!!! Austin rang in like one of the big bars. I LOVE THAT!!!! You guys rock!!! OKC the last few weeks has been gathering steam. OKC:  Guys lets  make some money!!! The managers log from OKC was funny Tommy said ” don’t start a water war with me cause I will chill buckets of water for hours and then dump them on you while you were doing Last Resort” Freaking funny. But again, all employees of Coyote Ugly: We live in a SUE HAPPY COUNTRY so be careful because the guy in a mossey oak suit with a Sooner hat may sue us for getting his outfit wet. Or the 30 year old guy who lied to his mother about going out and using her credit card might get caught with wet clothes so then he will sue us. Or the girl that just wants a pay day cause we are Coyote Ugly, will sue us. So be careful.

My day: French kids have a field trip. One is sick. I pull Jackson from school to help me translate at the doctor’s office . Have to pay out of pocket cause French school didn’t set up insurance. Have to keep kids home today. Jackson has been like a tattoo on me today because the sick kid has been sleeping. I am truely hanging on by a thread. And for you mothers that think I am ridiculous this is what I have to say.  1.  ” I love my son but I am happy with one. I never thought of myself as having multiple kids. 2. I never in a million years thought of French kids as being uncultured but these kids are. What I mean by that is that they have never ever left there small town. They Were never taught how to act outside their home .They wont try new things and truely came completely unprepared to go to New Orleans  3. I don’t speak french so unless jackson is around it is virtually impossible to speak with these kids. THEY ARE 13 YEARS OLD. THEY NEVER CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES. THEY WONT EAT. THEY DONT SEEM TO APPRECIATE ANYTHING I DO FOR THEM!!!

I know I am a great mom to Jackson. We are very close we do everything together. Please Jehovah, Addonai,Yahweh: Please let these kids get home safe tomorrow. I am not suited for this!!!!

Interesting things going on. The Korea deal has reemerged. Lets see what happens. Madison 40% food. I don’t know if I want that headache. Too much going on to talk about.

Jackson’s dad took Jackson to wrestling and left the french kids without my little translator. I went to a local french restaurant and picked up chicken crepes for the kids. Well as per usual that didn’t go over well. The one troubled kid said in french, and yes I actually understood, “I am allergic. I am breaking out in hives. I may throw up.” I inturn in English said ” you are so full of crap.” He may not of understood the direct translation but I am pretty sure he got the gist!!!

Jackson is going with his dad this weekend. I can’t wait to just veg out with some wine and adult food.

Holy crap I am tired. The bars are doing awesome. Things are definitely piking up!!

Today Korea , St Petersburg, London , and Cancun. I was supposed to head to London next week but I am worried about the air traveling problems in Europe. Ok so the french kids barely eat. I found literally 50 snickers wrappers under their bed. They wont take a shower inside. I have a shower head outside so I brought shampoo and soap outside and thats where they shower. Today I asked them , through Jackson, if they were excited to go home on Friday? Their answer:  ” do we have to go home on Friday?”

They are good kids but this has been exhausting. Just got a call about a second ash cloud heading over Europe. Please god please!!

Hot damn!! Just got San Antonio’s last P and L statement. Awesome. I may have to quit work early so nothing ruins my high on life feeling after seeing those beautiful dollar signs $$$!!

Please lord, allah, mohamud, or whomever may rule the planet , can you make sure the French kids are able to fly home on Friday? That would be much appreciated

As perusual the Memphis staff gave the best performance for their anniversary party. Lee kept texting me about how great it was and how much fun he had. They work so hard I am so proud of them.

I am worn out from these exchange students. They are nice kids but it is so draining when you can’t understand them.

Why on God’s green earth do I volunteer for school things. So we are hosting two french exchange students. They speak absolutly no english. Thank god jackson speaks french. The first night was painful. One kid was on the verge of tears the whole night and the other kid lost his key to his luggage. I made a huge dinner and they wouldn’t eat a thing. Really not one thing. Jackson’s teachers had said prior to their arrival ” they are raised in the french culture which is very strict. You could feed them cardboard and they will eat it.” Well I got the only freaking two kids that wont eat anything. Yesterday I put out croissants , yogurt , and watermellon. They stared at the food like it was dog pooh. They were shocked by the yogurt. Jackson pulled me over and said ” mom did you see them look at the yogurt like it was an alien product”. I asked them if they would like ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. The only response I got was ” is it from the butt of the pig?” Of course Jackson is translating all of this to me. I looked over at jackson and started laughing ” I have no earthly idea if its from the butt of the pig. Jackson’s dad picked them up from school and we met at a pizza place. I figured you can’t go wrong with pizza. Well one kid wouldn’t eat it. So I took them to the supermarket and had them pick out foods they liked. Well they are not much different then american kids, they picked chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and french fries. When we got home they went in the pool with Jackson. Finally there was laughter. They had a ball and now the whole mood has lightened up. It was cool to see Jackson playing with these kids and speaking french and laughing.

On a side note, my parents were very strict about eating at other peoples houses. You always try everything given to you. You are never rude. I have also raised Jackson like this. I would be mortified if he went to france and wouldn’t try anything. In their defense, I get the impression that they are from a very small town in France. In fact neither of the kids has ever been to Paris and one of them has never been outside hi  sown  town. So this must be a complete culture shock to them. Ok back to work

Congrats to Denver staff and  Kevin!! I owe you guys a hundred dollars. Good job!!

I want to give respect to the New Orleans staff as well. The New Orleans bar came within $300 of The Denver bar. That is outstanding when you think of the size difference in the bars. Denver is 5000 sq ft and New Orleans is 2000 sq Ft.

I am proud of both bars!!

Big bet today. I was the GM of New Orleans during the day and Kevin was the GM of Denver during the day. We have a $100 bet on which bar does better. Well I brought my A game today so I doubt he will win.

” What happened after the former OKC AM got sober and out of jail?” Yes this was one of my queries today. And just out of curiosity.  I woke up grumpy today so I decided to motivate myself with laughter. The first thing that came to my mind was the statement I made last week which was from the movie Friday ” How do you get fired on your day off.” Just knowing it happens and that it happened to someone I know, made me smile. I know that’s not the right way to summon positive energy but that’s how I did it today. The bars did alright last night except for Nashville. I swear there is a hex on that bar. Between construction that literally stops all traffic on our street and weird kiddie nights that go on at other bars, it’s killing us. Our regular customers can’t walk or drive to the bar and then the ones who do are pissed off by the club near by that allow minors in. I think sage isn’t good enough we need a true shaman to come in and take the hex off.

This week the republicans are in New Orleans. Believe me i will bite my lip and take their money. Unfortunately its the tax payers who seem to  pay for their strip club ventures. How funny that President Obama is just reenacting the same strategy as Reagan ( a famous republican president)   to curtail nuclear expansion. Yet the Republicans seem to be omitting that in their verbal bashing of our president.

“The first strategic arms reduction proposal (START) was presented by United States President Ronald Reagan in Geneva on 29 June 1982. Reagan proposed a dramatic reduction in strategic forces in two phases, which he referred to as SALT III at the time.  The first phase would reduce overall warhead counts on any missile type to 5,000, with an additional limit of 2,500 on ICBMs. Additionally, a total of 850 ICBMs would be allowed, with a limit of 110 “heavy throw” missiles like the SS-18, with additional limits on the total “throw weight” of the missiles as well. The second phase introduced similar limits on heavy bombers and their warheads, and other strategic systems as well.

START I expired December 5, 2009. Both sides agreed to continue observing the terms of the treaty until a new agreement is reached.  There are proposals to renew and expand the treaty, supported by U.S. President Barack Obama. Sergei Rogov, director of the Institute of the U.S. and Canada, said: “Obama supports sharp reductions in nuclear arsenals and I believe that Russia and the U.S. may sign in the summer or fall of 2009 a new treaty that would replace START-1″.

Palin’s statements on Obama’s nuclear reduction initiative can logically be applied to those of President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.  Hands down.  Regardless, I expect nothing more than silence from the right when obvious comparisons are drawn between the two treaties.  Sarah Palin’s shameless hypocritical double-standard remains, and continues to be unchallenged by her supporters.”

We live in a great country where we can have opinions. My opinion of Sarah Palin is that she is a dangerous liability to our country and definitely to women. For god sakes she quit her job as Governor. Jeff and I were joking today that we wish she does run for president on the Republican ticket so she can get slammed.  How funny if she came to Coyote in New Orleans tonight and we caught her doing something either illegal or immoral on our cameras. God I would love that!!! We can all dream. That’s the beauty of being an american.

I am real tired this week. It’s been a strange work week. A bunch of different things going on. We had been pursuing an English licensee. I met them. They are very well connected in London. They also have a great deal of bar/ restaurant experience.  I sent Lee to London to check on their proposed space. He loved the area but wanted them to make some changes to the actual layout of the bar. We received a letter from them saying that they felt it was fine to have a bar that only had room for 4 girls. All of us thought that perhaps we read the email wrong. 4 Girls on the bar, at the most! Well unfortunately we did not read the email wrong so I wrote a letter back stating that this was unacceptable for a Coyote Ugly. London is a premiere spot. That would be horrible to have London plummet and burn because of poor planning or just a lack of understanding of our concept. Hopefully we can work this out so it works out for all parties.

Super slow weekend for the bars!! Easter is a killer for us.

Please send resumes in for the Denver GM position at lil@coyoteuglysaloon.com  I am looking for someone with managing experience who is a hard worker and can think outside the box!!

This weekend I have had a bad sinus infection. I woke up one morning with broken blood vessels in one eye from blowing my nose so much ( lovely). Jackson looked at me and said ” mom your so attractive” I told him to cut it out, I knew that I wasn’t looking very attractive. He said ” yes you are. Your eye is so grotesque that it is attracting me to keep looking at you. Hence your attractive.”  “Great kid just remember your probably getting braces in the next few years so let’s see how ” attractive” you are!” Lol.

Just got back from Colorado. The anniversary was fun. The girls were beautiful as always. Its funny but only 3 girls got approved for the 2 new dances but those 3 girls did both dances better then all the bars. The dances truly looked awesome. A lot of issues at the bar. Needless to say that we are now looking for a new GM. Kevin is going to man the bar for a few weeks. Hopefully he can find a great manager! Positive thinking.  As per usual the lesbians were out in full force. I’ve always thought it rude if a guy hits on me while I am with my boyfriend well the same goes for girls. Trey and I were definitely annoyed with this one girl. At least the few guys that gave me the EYE were being respectful. LOL