Lil Spill

April 21, 2010

Interesting things going on. The Korea deal has reemerged. Lets see what happens. Madison 40% food. I don’t know if I want that headache. Too much going on to talk about.

Jackson’s dad took Jackson to wrestling and left the french kids without my little translator. I went to a local french restaurant and picked up chicken crepes for the kids. Well as per usual that didn’t go over well. The one troubled kid said in french, and yes I actually understood, “I am allergic. I am breaking out in hives. I may throw up.” I inturn in English said ” you are so full of crap.” He may not of understood the direct translation but I am pretty sure he got the gist!!!

Jackson is going with his dad this weekend. I can’t wait to just veg out with some wine and adult food.

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