Lil Spill

April 30, 2010

Jackson just beat his whole school in a 1 mile race today. That kid is definitely athletic. He has been getting letters about competing for the Louisiana state wrestling team as well. Pretty cool!

I knew last night he would win. With him its a mental decision. If in his mind he can win then he just wins. I was kind of surprised because long distance isn’t something he has ever practiced. His dad called me up later and was shocked at how out of shape some of the kids were. I think in today’s day and age where kids don’t have the independence to ride their bikes alone or walk alone to places , it becomes the responsibility of the parents to make sure their child is healthy physically as well as mentally. I know at Jackson’s age, 10, I had already been riding my bike by myself to friends homes. I was allowed to walk to the mall alone. I did a lot alone. But I can’t do that with Jackson. As much as I love New Orleans there is no way in hell I would let him ride the streets of New Orleans alone. If we still lived in NY it would be even stricter. So unless pushed kids are not getting the activity that we all were raised with. Interesting cultural phenomenon.

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