Lil Spill

April 8, 2010

I am real tired this week. It’s been a strange work week. A bunch of different things going on. We had been pursuing an English licensee. I met them. They are very well connected in London. They also have a great deal of bar/ restaurant experience.  I sent Lee to London to check on their proposed space. He loved the area but wanted them to make some changes to the actual layout of the bar. We received a letter from them saying that they felt it was fine to have a bar that only had room for 4 girls. All of us thought that perhaps we read the email wrong. 4 Girls on the bar, at the most! Well unfortunately we did not read the email wrong so I wrote a letter back stating that this was unacceptable for a Coyote Ugly. London is a premiere spot. That would be horrible to have London plummet and burn because of poor planning or just a lack of understanding of our concept. Hopefully we can work this out so it works out for all parties.

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