Lil Spill

April 22, 2010

I am freaking so pleased with Austin and OKC!!!!! Austin rang in like one of the big bars. I LOVE THAT!!!! You guys rock!!! OKC the last few weeks has been gathering steam. OKC:  Guys lets  make some money!!! The managers log from OKC was funny Tommy said ” don’t start a water war with me cause I will chill buckets of water for hours and then dump them on you while you were doing Last Resort” Freaking funny. But again, all employees of Coyote Ugly: We live in a SUE HAPPY COUNTRY so be careful because the guy in a mossey oak suit with a Sooner hat may sue us for getting his outfit wet. Or the 30 year old guy who lied to his mother about going out and using her credit card might get caught with wet clothes so then he will sue us. Or the girl that just wants a pay day cause we are Coyote Ugly, will sue us. So be careful.

My day: French kids have a field trip. One is sick. I pull Jackson from school to help me translate at the doctor’s office . Have to pay out of pocket cause French school didn’t set up insurance. Have to keep kids home today. Jackson has been like a tattoo on me today because the sick kid has been sleeping. I am truely hanging on by a thread. And for you mothers that think I am ridiculous this is what I have to say.  1.  ” I love my son but I am happy with one. I never thought of myself as having multiple kids. 2. I never in a million years thought of French kids as being uncultured but these kids are. What I mean by that is that they have never ever left there small town. They Were never taught how to act outside their home .They wont try new things and truely came completely unprepared to go to New Orleans  3. I don’t speak french so unless jackson is around it is virtually impossible to speak with these kids. THEY ARE 13 YEARS OLD. THEY NEVER CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES. THEY WONT EAT. THEY DONT SEEM TO APPRECIATE ANYTHING I DO FOR THEM!!!

I know I am a great mom to Jackson. We are very close we do everything together. Please Jehovah, Addonai,Yahweh: Please let these kids get home safe tomorrow. I am not suited for this!!!!

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