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June 23, 2016

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OKC staff !

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June 21, 2016

A year ago today!!! Train from Madrid to Marseille. Kevin was in rare form.

Heading to OKC tomorrow. Taking out the staff!!

4 girls down: Curse of the calendar.

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June 16, 2016

7:15 am. ” Fly me to the moon.” My ring tone. I look down and it’s Daniel calling. Early morning calls are never good. And as expected this call was not of a positive nature. I had a one day ” the bars are doing great” day. Yesterday in juxtaposition to today , Yesterday, I woke up seeing that my little NYC bar had an outstanding night and crushed all the big bars. You take the good with the bad!

Other then the really bad news that Daniel brought to me this morning, I woke up super pissed at New Orleans and slightly pissed at San Diego. Get your fucking shit together and generate sales. All these tools to work with. Call corporate get more ideas. Call the other managers and get some ideas. DO SOMETHING!!!

To change my mood for the day I would like to do a gratitude today to Tommy. The Austin bar is doing better then ever. Congrats.  It’s so nice to know when things go awry that Tommy can be called , same day,  to jump on a plane and help. Thank you Tommy!

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June 14, 2016

” I was a bad ass back then , now I’m a mom.” I actually said that in a business interview today. I can actually hear the reaction to that sentence from my son had he heard the interview. ” Mom you go to bed at 9. You are no bad ass . ” God damn it, I was a bad ass and I still am. Just not in the way that got me notoriety .

The bars are kicking ass!! June is turning into an outstanding month!

From Daniel. ( D. O.)

Well, another crazy CMA fest in the books. I can’t even explain how proud I am of my managers in Nashville, my staff in Nashville, and our travelers that came from all over the country to help us absolutely demolish this weekend. Lizzie Jones has come a long way since her OKC days and she managed to put together a very organized event that ran nearly flawlessly. So proud to play even a small supporting role in her growth…Michael Coleman has come a long way since he dumped a ton of sand into one of our bars many years ago. Rocked it out like a champ! Jynx Choosaeng Weatherspoon managed to maintain managing her first event even with me breathing down her neck, that’s impressive! And last but not least, our dearest Jeanette Garcia worked her last CMA fest with us in Nashville as she transfers to our San Antonio bar. She will truly be missed by everyone in Nashville. Unfortunately for her, she will be spending even more time with me now…. ; ) Special thanks to Aleah Ricciardi, Dahlas Babnick, Viktoriia Kuznetsova, Chandra, Jessie Jmo Moore, Christy Pickles Milan, Keyarah Marie, Selina, Stephanie Dewane, Megan Ecker for all of your hard work along with my traveling BMF’s, barbacks and all of the local staff! It was an honor and a privilege to work alongside all of you this last week. Thank you for your work ethic, your awesome attitudes, and your amazing ability to kick ass for 5 straight brutal days! Sometimes, I’m in awe of what all of you are capable of….. ‪#‎idonthashtag‬. ‪#‎butseriously‬. ‪#‎myjobisbetterthanyours‬. ‪#‎mycoworkersarebetterthanyours‬. ‪#‎iwin‬

Well deserved fun day for the Nashville staff and travelers.


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June 13, 2016

Nashville ‘s Fan Fair numbers did not double Austin’s Rot Rally numbers from Thursday – Sunday but it did double them if you included Wednesday . So what that means for Daniel and Tommy’s bet is that it is a wash .  But I now owe them both $250. Money well earned ! Huge week for Coyote Ugly .

Next week OKC anniversary party . There is going to be a lot of traveling this year .

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June 10, 2016

The Bet: Daniel is in Nashville helping with Fan Fair . Tommy is Gm of the Austin bar and is managing Rot Rally.  Thursday through Sunday of this week Nashville needs to double the Austin bar’s gross numbers for Tommy to win. So far Nashville has slightly doubled Austin. But 3 more nights to go. I will double the bet for the winner. Personally, I want both bars to kill it. But because Daniel has such a bad haircut I hope Tommy wins the money.

Justin, VP of International Franchising came into town and we hosted a company from Kyrgyzstan . Fun fun night. Who knows maybe Coyote Ugly Kyrgyzstan . IMG_8075

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June 6, 2016


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June 4, 2016

” Me, We” Mohamud Ali. RIP! Boxing legend and global peace keeper . His birth name was Cassius Clay. Jackson ‘s dad was rooting for either name for Jackson ‘s first name . ( if I had known how popular the name jackson would get I may have waivered ).

At airport  . Memphis here I come

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June 2, 2016

28th annual LSU Crawfish Boil in San Diego. So much fun. I ate and drank all day!! So as an experiment, I decided to not drink or eat starches for the last 4 days.

These are my findings :

  1. Not drinking does absolutely nothing for me.
  2. I don’t sleep better
  3. I miss the enjoyment of a class of wine while I cook and eat.
  4. I do not lose any weight because of not drinking  or no starches.

So in conclusion, my life suffers when I don’t have a glass of wine or a rice chip!!

Dances. Except for the Vegas bar and the Russian bars, none of the bars know all the dances. ” Lil, I will go over payroll if I schedule another dance class. Lil the dances are too difficult. ( for someone handicapped). Lil I have no real dancers. ”

So sick of hearing these excuses.

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