Lil Spill

June 2, 2016

28th annual LSU Crawfish Boil in San Diego. So much fun. I ate and drank all day!! So as an experiment, I decided to not drink or eat starches for the last 4 days.

These are my findings :

  1. Not drinking does absolutely nothing for me.
  2. I don’t sleep better
  3. I miss the enjoyment of a class of wine while I cook and eat.
  4. I do not lose any weight because of not drinking  or no starches.

So in conclusion, my life suffers when I don’t have a glass of wine or a rice chip!!

Dances. Except for the Vegas bar and the Russian bars, none of the bars know all the dances. ” Lil, I will go over payroll if I schedule another dance class. Lil the dances are too difficult. ( for someone handicapped). Lil I have no real dancers. ”

So sick of hearing these excuses.

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