Lil Spill

June 10, 2016

The Bet: Daniel is in Nashville helping with Fan Fair . Tommy is Gm of the Austin bar and is managing Rot Rally.  Thursday through Sunday of this week Nashville needs to double the Austin bar’s gross numbers for Tommy to win. So far Nashville has slightly doubled Austin. But 3 more nights to go. I will double the bet for the winner. Personally, I want both bars to kill it. But because Daniel has such a bad haircut I hope Tommy wins the money.

Justin, VP of International Franchising came into town and we hosted a company from Kyrgyzstan . Fun fun night. Who knows maybe Coyote Ugly Kyrgyzstan . IMG_8075

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Gaston Nicolaos

May their souls rest in peace. Gaston Nicolaos


My heart goes out to the victims/families of the shooting in Orlando last night. What a unnecessary tragedy.


Since I have several friends in Austin this week, I'm rooting for Austin.