Lil Spill

June 16, 2016

7:15 am. ” Fly me to the moon.” My ring tone. I look down and it’s Daniel calling. Early morning calls are never good. And as expected this call was not of a positive nature. I had a one day ” the bars are doing great” day. Yesterday in juxtaposition to today , Yesterday, I woke up seeing that my little NYC bar had an outstanding night and crushed all the big bars. You take the good with the bad!

Other then the really bad news that Daniel brought to me this morning, I woke up super pissed at New Orleans and slightly pissed at San Diego. Get your fucking shit together and generate sales. All these tools to work with. Call corporate get more ideas. Call the other managers and get some ideas. DO SOMETHING!!!

To change my mood for the day I would like to do a gratitude today to Tommy. The Austin bar is doing better then ever. Congrats.  It’s so nice to know when things go awry that Tommy can be called , same day,  to jump on a plane and help. Thank you Tommy!

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Mike - How have you been, are you keeping the NYC bar hopping? I need to get there it has just been a crazy year so far. Shots up.

Mike vito

Dave wazzzzup, Donald Trump send his love from New York. Location doesn't matter, your nose can sniff Jack & Coke from here to Iraq. I think it's time to hire me for Coyote Ugly management and generate sales.


Lil: As a frequent customer of NOLA, I must say that location is an issue, the bar is in one of the least trafficked areas in the French Quarter. I, for one, always feel welcome and (almost 100% of the time) have good service with a smile. Just my thoughts. Dave