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June 14, 2016

” I was a bad ass back then , now I’m a mom.” I actually said that in a business interview today. I can actually hear the reaction to that sentence from my son had he heard the interview. ” Mom you go to bed at 9. You are no bad ass . ” God damn it, I was a bad ass and I still am. Just not in the way that got me notoriety .

The bars are kicking ass!! June is turning into an outstanding month!

From Daniel. ( D. O.)

Well, another crazy CMA fest in the books. I can’t even explain how proud I am of my managers in Nashville, my staff in Nashville, and our travelers that came from all over the country to help us absolutely demolish this weekend. Lizzie Jones has come a long way since her OKC days and she managed to put together a very organized event that ran nearly flawlessly. So proud to play even a small supporting role in her growth…Michael Coleman has come a long way since he dumped a ton of sand into one of our bars many years ago. Rocked it out like a champ! Jynx Choosaeng Weatherspoon managed to maintain managing her first event even with me breathing down her neck, that’s impressive! And last but not least, our dearest Jeanette Garcia worked her last CMA fest with us in Nashville as she transfers to our San Antonio bar. She will truly be missed by everyone in Nashville. Unfortunately for her, she will be spending even more time with me now…. ; ) Special thanks to Aleah Ricciardi, Dahlas Babnick, Viktoriia Kuznetsova, Chandra, Jessie Jmo Moore, Christy Pickles Milan, Keyarah Marie, Selina, Stephanie Dewane, Megan Ecker for all of your hard work along with my traveling BMF’s, barbacks and all of the local staff! It was an honor and a privilege to work alongside all of you this last week. Thank you for your work ethic, your awesome attitudes, and your amazing ability to kick ass for 5 straight brutal days! Sometimes, I’m in awe of what all of you are capable of….. ‪#‎idonthashtag‬. ‪#‎butseriously‬. ‪#‎myjobisbetterthanyours‬. ‪#‎mycoworkersarebetterthanyours‬. ‪#‎iwin‬

Well deserved fun day for the Nashville staff and travelers.


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Richard Salinas

I was just there for my Birthday! I didn't get any gift!? My Birthday was June13th! I was there the 12th and the 13th! They knew it was my Birthday also!