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Lil Spill

July 13, 2015

Chica Borracha is starting to rev up. Chica Borracha is our new tapas sport’s bar. ( Hope I didn’t just jinx it). I have our chef consultant flying in to San Diego today. Fun project.

Comicon wasn’t as lucrative as I was hoping. In fact it cost me quite a bit since my son went there every day. OK ready to get back to work.


  1. Lil, come on now. All the names you came up with Chica borracha, drunk chic. Are you putting a tapas in Tijuana, I guess I can go to TJ to your new spot and get drunk. Hola amore Lil, te quiero mucho Chica Borrracha.

  2. Hi Dave, how goes it. Agree with you on that. I think they need to rethink this one. Lil travel around the to take cooking classes in Spain, which she could have gone to some good culinary arts schools in USA and saved the money. They could have hired few master chefs from America to come up with an awesome menu for her new tapas bar and train her personnel to cook like the Spain master chefs. I trust Lil will build the best product for her customers, but I see there is wastage with in her company. Must reevaluate your inner circle of your company. Well heading over to coyote ugly New York bar and complain to the bartenders. You all have nice day now. Lil hope your listening.

  3. Mike:

    I think we met while I was in NYC, I totally agree with you that the senior management is spending too much time basking in their glory and too little time watching the hen house.

    Just my opinion, but I have seen many regulars over charged and sold things they don’t want after a few cocktails to support this almost sublime sense of self worth in some of the management team.


  4. Dave, how you doin. I think we have met I go there few times a week, it’s only few blocks from my house. It’s like that in all bars, but I do keep there asses in check at the coyote ugly, they need there regulars to survive. Hopefully Lil will listen. Dave let me know when your out this way, I buy a drink at the coyote ugly. Take care brother.

  5. Mike:

    It looks like I will be playing a charity golf tournament 8/31 on Long Island, as usual, I try to mix business and pleasure when traveling, so I likely will be in the City a couple of days then.

    Look forward to sharing some stupid jokes.


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