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Lil Spill

July 18, 2015

” I am calling the animal control board.” This was the note I found yesterday on my door and on my car. I have gone out at night 3 times in the last 2 weeks. One time I was home by 7 pm, another 9:30, and yesterday 8:45. The neighbors on both sides o my house have parties literally every night but it’s my dog that seems to be bothering this woman. She actually opened my side gate and let my dog out. My dog could of gotten hit by a car. Some old couple found her and kept her overnight. HMMM Let’s see what happens.

Thank god San Antonio did well last night. Not a good month for SA in general.

Went to opening day at Del Mar Race Track. Fun


  1. Lil, ahh the frustration of overbearing neighbors. My suggestion is to buy her a dog.

  2. Hola Lil, hope we don’t on see ID on the tv show Nightmare Next Door. Here’s what to do Lil, I have made you a list so pay attention:
    1. Piss on your neighbors lawn.
    2. Have your dog piss and shit on neighbors lawn.
    3. Put sugar on your neighbors front porch (they will have Ants & roach guests)
    4. Put broken moth balls behind your neighbors house. Smelly nelly.
    5. Advertise your neighbors as prostitues on Craigslist with there address.
    6. Advertise free household goods on Craigslist with there address.
    7. Send Jehovah’s witnesses to there address.
    8. Send them brownies laced with wacky weed, so they can chill. They will like.
    9. Send El Chapo Guzmans people to have word with them.
    10. If all fails, get rid of your dog. Just kidding.
    Remember Lil, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Go to your neighbors house and ask them what will make them happy. Come up with a game plan, put your Coyote hat away and be neighborly nice. Wtf are we on Mr. Rogers show. Who knows maybe there jealous, because your so fucken hot Lil. You all have nice day now.

  3. Mike:

    You are more creative than I, in lieu of a dog, I might also go to my neighbor’s with a bottle of Vodka (preferably Beluga Gold) and two shot glasses and hash it out over some fine potato juice.


    1. Hello my coyote brother Dave, here is my email address mvito54@yahoo.com, let me know when you coming to this area. Meet you at coyote ugly. I hope I did not piss off Lil. Maybe just maybe, her neighbors are reading this shit and they will be scared now. Coooool, see Lil me and Dave just hooked you up and saved your doggy day. Woof woof. Buy a drink now for us. Love you all.

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