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Lil Spill

July 2, 2015

“There was a hostage situation on Duval. A husband stabbed his wife and held his daughter hostage at gunpoint. I think that affected the night ” that was a side note on the Key West log.

Dinesti seems to love it there as she is now the acting GM in Key West. Everyone in corporate is crossing their fingers because that city seems to suck the life out of everyone.


  1. Been a while since I went to the NYC bar. It is fun although I will say that the bouncers are a bit over the top.

  2. Not sure I agree with you Dave. I was visiting NYC for a few days and went in to the club a couple of nights. I thought all staff were all professional and they actually laughed at my stupid jokes. So, I experienced no issues. There was some friction between people who only wanted to hear country music and others but that had nothing to do with staff.

  3. Hello double Daves, I agree with both of you, remember the employees are just humans. They have there good moods and bad moods depending on the day Lil is yelling at them. I always have a good time at the bar, the try there best to entertain and keep customers happy.

  4. This is Dave #2, thanks for offering your point of view. I have been to several Coyotes over the years and this is the one with the most locals, I am sure that leads to a more homelike environment.

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