Lil Spill

July 7, 2015

Dinesti: I didn’t have my license on me so they impounded the Coyote truck. Oh brother.

” The bar slowed down when they started shooting.” That was in the Memphis log. But with no story. So who started shooting? and where exactly? Shocking that the bar died down after the

Another day in paradise. URGH! Nashville absolutely rocked this weekend. BAM! They blew every other bar out of the water.

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I thought most customers do some shooting at coyote. I guess the type you are referring to is represented by the NRA.

Mike Vito

Lil, you sure Dinesti has a drivers license. If she needs one they sell them down the street from your New York bar. Talk to Gonzo, he is on 2nd and Bowery, he has all 50 states drivers license. See yah.