Lil Spill

July 14, 2015

Daniel is back! The harsh emails starting coming yesterday. They had a month of Tommy, nice and patient, now back to ” Let’s kick some ass and take names.” Different styles both great.

I went out with Pinky on Saturday and came to a huge disagreement with him. In his mind and the minds of other managers at other concepts , he likes to hire girls that have never bartended . The theory is that they can be molded better and it lessens chance of theft. Now the big problem with this is when we have a bar managed by a non bartender. I have seen the girls over the years lessen their bartending ability.  I think these non bartender managers will never have the ability to train the girls to be lightening fast. Perhaps the non female mangers  might have to take a few shifts at Chica Borraccha to learn some real bartending skills.

Jackson passed his AP French exam. Bam college credits and he only just finished his freshmen year. It’s as always a beautiful day in San Diego

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