Lil Spill

September 11, 2014

What a fucking day. My phone has been screwed up for a week now. I have tried to wait for the iPhone 6 to come out before I purchased a new one. Well today all hell broke loose. I had a two hour conference call I had to borrow a phone for the call.
One of our valued employees put in her resignation. Daniel was emailing me ” please call her.” I Couldn’t , my phone was frozen so I had to get him to her call me. Today was just “that day”. What could go wrong did go wrong. Dog peed on my rug. Thought I had a meeting showed up and waited . After an hour I figured out it was actually scheduled for next week. Just one of those days.
I spent one and a half hours at the ATT Store. Good thing was that I was eligible for a new phone. I found out that jackson was as well. When I got home I told Jackson that for his birthday or Christmas I would gift him my new phone and I would get the new iPhone 6. His response was with a note of sheer horror. ” mom I was so embarrassed last year when you and dad gave me a new phone. Please I do not want a current model. Also when you get me a car I want the cheapest used car you can find. Please mom! ” well son don’t worry since you are helping to pay for your car when you get your license. According to your current pace of savings you will be getting the cheapest car out there!
Now on the surface people would say ” wow you are raising him right. What a good thoughtful kid.” That’s great until I get the ” you are so showy. Why do you need this artwork in the house when a plain picture would be just fine. Why do you buy so many shoes? It’s so wasteful.” I used to listen and try to put value on my need to have a pretty house. Now I find my response is simple ” my money. My house. I will do what I want .” Urgh

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I just had a Fucking day. Played golf won several hundred dollars and the cmf doesn't have the cash to pay. Top that with finding out my favorite bartender is not working all week.


We all have had bad days. At least it isn't also raining there.


Regarding the car, the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. And as for your day, you have those kind of days too.