Lil Spill

September 15, 2014

” Daniel, all these people are poking me on Facebook. What does that mean? You know I hate talking to people.” His response ” Just ignore them.” OK that’s what I planned on doing.
One of our long standing investors texted me about a month ago upset that the San Diego bar wasn’t making more money. I was shocked because SD has been rocking since the beginning. ( We did go over budget but after 2 months that was corrected). Well I just received the latest P and L’s for all the bars, which by the way were Fucking Awesome, and I texted him. ” When you receive your dividends I expect a formal apology.” Let the groveling begin!!! He texted back asking if the apology was a hands and knees type? Hmm I will have to think about that. Bam the bars rocked!!!

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Hey Lil just found a U tube video of the Olympic Gold medallist Ian Thorpe. This video shows him moving his hand straight down the line of his body like I tried to explain. Also shows breast stroke. A lovely stroke to do.