Lil Spill

September 11, 2014

This goes either way 1. How do I know Kevin is gay? or 2. How do I know Kevin is devoted to his girlfriend? ( you decide). Answer: He finishes working at the SD bar and doesn’t even mention the girls’ photoshoot. When pressed he said ” yeah a good staff.”
Thank You San Antonio and Denver for being the only bars this week that are doing any business. Painful
Kevin has been biking and running with me. It’s like boot camp out here. Today we biked Fiesta Island and he showed up back at the car all scraped up. Both arms , shoulders, ass. Thank god he had his helmet on. Jackson, Kevin, and I were eating dinner then watching tv . Kevin goes to sit on the couch ” dude if you get blood on my new couch I will kill you!”
Did I already introduce our new VP of global franchising? Justin starts in a few weeks. I am very excited.

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