Lil Spill

September 7, 2014

I found a Saints bar in San Diego called Kristy’s. I had no idea that newcomers got spanked when they came in!
Yuck I hate losing in overtime. She should of smacked me harder to give the team luck! Kevin is out in San Diego fixing things at the bar. Nice to have a training partner . Bars did alright this weekend. Friday sucked. Last night was better. Ok big week. Calendar is almost ready to give to the printer. Lee does an excellent job . We try to do a collage page in the back of the calendar. Show the funny moments that occur during the calendar shoot. ” lee, I know you enjoy posting pictures of you and your wife in the collage but would it be possible if you put a few shots of Chantel and I in the page as well? ” . I got what I asked for . Every bad picture of me is wedged in the collage page. Lol. My thinking is this; I am notorious for hating pictures that I am in. But as much as I don’t like the picture now I will probably think I look great in that same picture ten years from now!

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She had been there before. I have seen it at coyote.

michael mallon

Ouch... quite an initiation.


Look forward to seeing the calendar.