Lil Spill

September 15, 2014

Nashville is rocking on the weekends and last night San Diego and San Antonio hit really big numbers. Great
So last night there was a power outage in SD. I very rarely watch regular tv but last week I had been watching E to hear about Joan River’s death. Last night I was sleeping when the power came on and the tv started blasting ” Keeping up with the Kardashians” came on. I had taken the batteries out of the remote control to put in a flashlight. OMG I was scrambling to get the remote working to shut off the tv. ( I couldn’t find manual off switch). Frightening. Am I nuts but did Kim K get way too much botox or plastic surgery? She was so beautiful and now I think she is the least pretty sister. I can only imagine the pressure to always look good and perhaps not realizing that you went too far. Also Is it crazy that I think Sean Peyton got botox?
I am cranky. No hot water. Waiting for a repairman to come to my house. Next week Manager’s seminar in Cancun!

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