Quote of the day from Dinesti: ” There are only 5 times in my life I have been scared and you are associated with 3 of them. Applying to Coyote Ugly, The Lake Tahoe Tough Mudder, and The San Diego International Triathlon.”
I am honored .( Also her brother is a real treasure. I think he will get signed up for our next tri.)
” Lil you sign me up for triathlons and I am signing you up with me for speed dating.”
I thought I had already proven quite good at speed dating in my normal life but this is obviously a different animal. Just for fun I want to go. Could be hysterical.

Bam Ben, Dinesti , and I finished the San Diego International Triathlon. Not my best times but I made it. I could be the worst cyclist. At minimum 50 people passed me on the bike. When Chantel and I do these races we always say ” if you are really tired just walk part of the run.” Usually there are tons of walkers at these races. Well San Diego obviously breeds another type of athlete because there was not one walker. ( hell no I didn’t walk)
I need a massage and a chiropractor tomorrow!


I have gotten so many compliments on my Oklahoma anniversary shirt. Great design.
So , like the idiot I have been known to be, I signed up a few months ago for the SD international triathlon . It’s coming up on Sunday and I am completely unprepared. I have never swam 1000 meters in open water. I bought a new bike and I am not 100% sure how to gear down into easier gears for hills. And since I am deathly afraid of traffic I won’t practice . I can’t run more then 2 miles without my hip and leg hurting. This is going to stink. Both Mac and Dinesti are trying to get out of it. I can’t get out of it because my trainer from New Orleans is flying in. I am totally screwed. Plus I have gained weight here. Urgh key West is starting to pick up their numbers . Excellent. NY’s numbers are god awful right now. We made the decision to redo the bar , which cost a ton of money, and now the numbers are down . Urgh . I need to get my fat ass on the damn bike today . I swear that the Nepal race just killed my body and I haven’t recovered. Yoga years are approaching

Bam excellent 5 year anniversary party. Amber set up bands playing all day . And every band was incredible . Good job to the OKC staff.
Funny to have so many of the Austin staff there. It’s a 6 hour drive from Austin to Oklahoma City. I was riveted by Lacey last night. She wore an all leather outfit and she was extremely captivating on the bar . They have a really pretty upbeat staff. The BMF at the front door didn’t know us and we had to convince him to let us in. I enjoy that sometimes.
Going back home .

Lizzie and Amber told me to stay at the Aloft hotel in OKC. I didn’t arrive at hotel til after midnight. Oh god awful . Even my gold Starwood status did not get me a quiet room. I could here the band/DJ til 2 am. I am exhausted . I went searching the hotel for the gym this morning . Finally I went to the lobby and asked. ” miss the signs are very clear , they say RC”. Did I miss something? Why would RC signify gym or fitness center. ?” ” miss it stands for recharge.”. Really I am supposed to know that recharge means F gym?” Honestly I had seen a sign saying recharge I thought it was the business center and you could charge your phone . Then our brunch that was supposed to be 9 people ended up being Chantel and myself . We waited and waited. Lol. Ok heading to the bar in the next two hours. Amber put a ton of working into this. Going to be fun!
Yes I did FaceTime Chantel to try and figure out how the headboard stores the iron . She’s obviously as dumb as me.

Pretty incredible legacy. http://gma.yahoo.com/kevlar-inventor-stephanie-kwolek-dead-90-153315187–abc-news-topstories.html
Heading to Oklahoma City tomorrow for Sunday’s anniversary. Fun!
NYC had a horrible night! Need to get those numbers back up.Let’s not even speak about New Orleans. Miserable.
My gratitude today goes out to Daniel for bugging me to the point where I finally had to book my ticket for our meetings! He is doing his job. Even if that means pressuring me. ” Did you really have to book my hotel?” No doubt it’s god awful. No gym, in the ghetto. Ok well he’s running with me in the morning . ” get your fat ass in gear Daniel! No gym means you are my personal trainer. “

My poor friends know what they are getting into when they visit me.
The video is Leslie with me at Samurai Pie then I made us workout afterwards.



My dinner; Samurai Pie gluten free pizza with olives and green peppers . Went great with the wine . Jackson helped out today at Samurai Pie. He loved it.
Bam Rot Rally going strong also a nice upswing in Key West. My friend Leslie is coming in town tomorrow . I told Juliana from the San Diego bar to prepare for a wild night. Her response ” great it’s my friend’s 21 birthday .rhe young and the old partying together .

Fanfare going into Rot Rally. I love when the bars are busy.Let’s go Austin!
Today I got an email from NYNY talking about having a Coyote Ugly is 21 party. I think it will be August 21st. ” Lil do you mind doing a photoshoot.” Ok well that involves a juice fast and hair dye. I have two months to pretty up.
I feel like I am out of the loop. I love my new home but I haven’t found my routine yet. I need to kick myself into gear!

Bam Nashville hitting fanfare! Best week of the year . ” hope you guys crush last year’s numbers.”
I officially live in paradise . It’s beautiful every day and every day we do something outside, run , hike, kayak. I understand why people love it in San Diego. Paradise only has 3 downsides . 1. It’s very dry here. I will be pissed if I get wrinkles . 2. Nobody eats. I have been out to dinner three times . The men order an appetizer as their entre.” Really? I am f starving. How the hell did I gain 3 lbs?” 3, plane flight fares are very expensive out of this airport. Those are my 3 gripes. But a truly beautiful city !

IMG_3960NYC bar getting ready for the reopening tonight. Bam.
Today Key West and Milwaukee are my headaches. urgh. I am so behind in work.
Kevin has been calling me 20 times a day. I have now started answering the phone ” What the hell do you want now?”

IMG_3221” I’m a San Diegan. ” Do I need more then an address? I lived in New Orleans 13 years and the locals could smell me from a mile away and know I wasn’t from New Orleans. Regardless, moving sucks!! But I really do love it here. So beautiful.
Buckley picked up my car from New Orleans on Thursday at 7 pm. Saturday at 8 am I get a text from him. ” I am between an hour and two hours away. “. Unbeliebavle. He’s a driving machine. He gets to my new house and starts talking about Nacho and Burrito. ” Buckley who are Nacho and Burrito?” Then it made sense why the dogs didn’t listen to him since their names are Cheeto and Bonnie. ” Don’t worry Buckley they don’t listen to me anyway and I know their names.’
There is so much to organize that I might as well take my time and relax a little. I was asked to go on a beginner’s bike ride. ” Excuse me sir , this is a 50 mile ride? I was looking for the beginners group?” Well low and behold the beginners here are really good. I traded in my tri bike for a road bike. Falling in the parking lot was my sign to work up to the beginners ride.
Haven’t worked in 3 days. Going to start back tomorrow.IMG_3221