Lil Spill

June 20, 2014

Pretty incredible legacy.–abc-news-topstories.html
Heading to Oklahoma City tomorrow for Sunday’s anniversary. Fun!
NYC had a horrible night! Need to get those numbers back up.Let’s not even speak about New Orleans. Miserable.
My gratitude today goes out to Daniel for bugging me to the point where I finally had to book my ticket for our meetings! He is doing his job. Even if that means pressuring me. ” Did you really have to book my hotel?” No doubt it’s god awful. No gym, in the ghetto. Ok well he’s running with me in the morning . ” get your fat ass in gear Daniel! No gym means you are my personal trainer. “

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In order to get the numbers back up in NYC, you need to keep it rock and country. Most patrons who frequent this bar are getting tired of the pop and rap. Weekend bouncers are terrible and spend more time BSing than doing their job. You don't need 3-4 security guys for a bar that small anyway, it is kind of intimidating. If you really want numbers back up in nyc, these changes are needed!


maybe stop playing grunge/rap in NY or at least get rid of the sign saying it is a country/rock bar