Lil Spill

June 1, 2014

IMG_3221” I’m a San Diegan. ” Do I need more then an address? I lived in New Orleans 13 years and the locals could smell me from a mile away and know I wasn’t from New Orleans. Regardless, moving sucks!! But I really do love it here. So beautiful.
Buckley picked up my car from New Orleans on Thursday at 7 pm. Saturday at 8 am I get a text from him. ” I am between an hour and two hours away. “. Unbeliebavle. He’s a driving machine. He gets to my new house and starts talking about Nacho and Burrito. ” Buckley who are Nacho and Burrito?” Then it made sense why the dogs didn’t listen to him since their names are Cheeto and Bonnie. ” Don’t worry Buckley they don’t listen to me anyway and I know their names.’
There is so much to organize that I might as well take my time and relax a little. I was asked to go on a beginner’s bike ride. ” Excuse me sir , this is a 50 mile ride? I was looking for the beginners group?” Well low and behold the beginners here are really good. I traded in my tri bike for a road bike. Falling in the parking lot was my sign to work up to the beginners ride.
Haven’t worked in 3 days. Going to start back tomorrow.IMG_3221

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Lil, owner of 2 dogs, of all people I would have thought you would have know the first thing to keep in mind when controlling a dog - “One word of command from you and the dog will do precisely what it wants!”