Lil Spill

June 22, 2014

Lizzie and Amber told me to stay at the Aloft hotel in OKC. I didn’t arrive at hotel til after midnight. Oh god awful . Even my gold Starwood status did not get me a quiet room. I could here the band/DJ til 2 am. I am exhausted . I went searching the hotel for the gym this morning . Finally I went to the lobby and asked. ” miss the signs are very clear , they say RC”. Did I miss something? Why would RC signify gym or fitness center. ?” ” miss it stands for recharge.”. Really I am supposed to know that recharge means F gym?” Honestly I had seen a sign saying recharge I thought it was the business center and you could charge your phone . Then our brunch that was supposed to be 9 people ended up being Chantel and myself . We waited and waited. Lol. Ok heading to the bar in the next two hours. Amber put a ton of working into this. Going to be fun!
Yes I did FaceTime Chantel to try and figure out how the headboard stores the iron . She’s obviously as dumb as me.

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