Lil Spill

June 4, 2014

IMG_3960NYC bar getting ready for the reopening tonight. Bam.
Today Key West and Milwaukee are my headaches. urgh. I am so behind in work.
Kevin has been calling me 20 times a day. I have now started answering the phone ” What the hell do you want now?”

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Kevin Poem (with a nod to LC’s A in W) I passed by Kevin’s garage, and marked, with one eye, How Kevin on his own had built a new bar: The bar to take body-shots, and dancers, and drinks neat, While Kevin could have pride as his part of the treat. When the bar was all finished, Lil, as a boon, Was that the patrons all would come fill it up soon; While Kevin could now get all rotten drunk and howl, And concluded the construction by –